Supernatural Concepts

Graphic DesignIllustrationDigital Art
Tonya Liburd's The Ace of Knives
Jay Bonansinga's Lucid, Permuted Press
David Reuben Aslin's The Evilution: Rise of the Antichrist [Dark Tomes I]
Jagged Seraphim, album art for Angels of Apathy
J.P. Sloan's The Curse Servant, Curiosity Quills
Jay Bonansinga's Self Storage, Magnetik Ink
Dobromir Harrison's Rachel, Evil Girlfriend Media
Hank Schwaeble's The Angel of the Abyss [A Jake Hatcher Novel], Cohesion Press
Dallas Mullican's A Coin for Charon
Devil Station Anthology cover
Vicki Leigh, Find Me if You Dare [Dreamcatcher Book II], Curiosity Quills
H.P. Lovecraft full wrap illustration, Festa Verlag
J.L. Murray's Monstrous [Blood of Cain I]
Elizabeth Loraine's Phantom Lives: Collier
Brendan Deneen's The Ninth Circle, Permuted Press
Ken Nolan's The Spawn, Permuted Press
C.L Hernandez' A Jar of Fingers
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